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Tom Kirby

Tom Kirby

I knew Tom Kirby by reputation, as the incredibly kind donor of Christmas gifts for our clients’ children. Waiting to meet him at a Starbucks five years ago, I was eying men in suits, in khakis – all varieties of business attire – when Tom strode over in a sweatshirt and jeans. That year, and for years afterward, Tom continued his personal tradition of creating Christmas joy for DVLC families. And Tom did not just write a check. He requested highly detailed wish lists for each client and child, personally purchased multiple gifts for each person, wrapped them and delivered dozens of beautiful packages to our office just before Christmas. We used dollies and carts to load them all into our office, marveling at the sight of so much abundance.

Tom passed away this fall after a short, but courageous battle with cancer. He was 59. His stepdaughter Kelly let us know, and in the very same message told us that Tom’s family will carry on his tradition of generosity this year.  So once again this December, we are anticipating the delivery of the gifts that will bring so much joy to children and families we serve.

What does generosity look like to you? Tom showed me what I should have already known – that it does not always wear a suit.  Generosity takes many forms, and the chance to witness them is one of the many gifts of my job.

At DVLC, we benefit from your generosity throughout the year. Supporters like you make our life-saving work possible. During this season of giving, please consider making your own generous gift to DVLC.  Your gifts will help ensure safety, security, independence and yes, even some joy, for our clients this season and in the new year.

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