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image-8252DVLC employs a wide range of tools to help keep our clients safe and support them as they end the cycle of abuse. Our skilled, compassionate attorneys provide legal assistance ranging from brief advice to holistic, ongoing representation in orders of protection, divorce, custody and immigration matters. We partner with others in the community to help meet our clients’ non-legal needs as they build new lives for themselves and their children.

Order of Protection
Full representation in Orders of Protection cases, including:
• Immediate preparation of court paperwork
• Immediate in-court representation for Emergency Order of Protection
• Ongoing in-court representation through Plenary Order of Protection
• Ongoing assistance in modification of Plenary Orders of Protection

Divorce and Parentage Disputes
Full representation in divorce and parentage disputes, including:
• Preparation of pleadings for Dissolution of Marriage and Paternity cases
• In-court representation obtaining temporary relief, such as child custody and support, property distribution
• Ongoing in-court representation through the Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage and Custody Judgment process
• Ongoing assistance in modification of Plenary Orders of Protection

Immigration Services (Independence Project)
• Preparation of U Nonimmigrant Status petitions (“U visas”) based on domestic violence
• Preparation of VAWA self-petitions based on domestic violence
• Screening for other immigration relief and targeted referrals

Advice, Information, Referrals, and other Brief Services
• Explanation of the process for obtaining an Order of Protection
• Referrals to appropriate legal aid, social service agencies, including shelters and counseling