DVLC’s Statement on DACA

At DVLC we stand for DACA and support the dreamers. But we also recognize the danger of stratifying the complex layers of immigrants — and their reasons for immigrating– into good and bad. In discussing the repeal of DACA, many in the media have been quick to explain that Dreamers were brought here ‘through no fault of their own.’  When we place the “fault” on the parents of dreamers, we ignore the larger social and political forces that led to the uprooting of their families in the first place.

We must stop scapegoating parents as the bad actors.  This only deflects from the real issue – that our immigration system is broken, outdated, and racially biased.  It is a system that operates under numerical caps, arbitrary preferences, antiquated ideals of a model immigrant and harsh punishments. This scapegoating also ignores the hunger, poverty, and violence that forced families to flee not only in search of a better life but in order to have a life at all. All these factors contribute to an individual’s inability to enter the U.S. lawfully.  In supporting Dreamers, we must recognize the complexity of their lives and support the movement for a fair, humane and just immigration reform.

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